How to Make A Lot Money

How to Maximize Your Earnings with JustBeenPaid!

Note: You don’t necessarily have to understand How to Maximize Your Earnings… to succeed with JBP/JSS. The minimum you need to do to succeed with JBP/JSS:

1. Join JBP by opening an account; (see “How to Here“)
2. Set up your AlertPay account and fund it, or link your credit card to it; (see “How to Here“)
3. Upgrade in JBP by making your $15 payment;
4. Enter your AlertPay email address in the JBP Member Area;
5. Sponsor downline members (optional);
6. Study and apply “Upgrade Your Brain” and the “Big Success Breakthrough” — see “Access Our Products” in your JBP member area;
7. Make JSS-Tripler your primary moneymaker. However, if you want to become more successful with JBP/JSS, and use it to earn even more money, you may be able to benefit from How to Maximize Your Earnings…

Basic Steps

The first step is to start making money with JSS-Tripler — see JustBeenPaid! Overview. This should enable you to realize that you can make money with at least one part of JustBeenPaid!

The second step is to realize that some people have earned considerable amounts with JSS-Tripler — see our Blog. All these people started earning at a certain level and then took steps to increase their earnings. This should enable you to realize that you can also take steps to increase your earnings.

There are three basic ways to earn lots of money with JBP/JSS:

  1. Start with lots of money;
  2. Start with a small amount and sponsor many people;
  3. Start with lots of money and sponsor many people.

Check out our Blog and look for examples of the ab0ve three ways.


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